Artline Whiteboard Kit EK517


This Artline Whiteboard Kit offers great value, with everything you need for your whiteboard, including 4 coloured whiteboard markers, a magnetic whiteboard eraser and a whiteboard cleaning spray. The Artline Whiteboard Eraser is magnetic, so it’s always on hand when you need it.

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The Artline 517 Premium Whiteboard Markers can also be used on electronic whiteboards. In vivid red, green, blue and black, the dry safe ink has a huge 48 hour cap-off time so it won’t dry out. The bullet tip writes with a 2mm line.


Artline Whiteboard Cleaning Spray 125ml will keep your whiteboard pristine and ensure your markers write with a clean bold line. The convenient pump spray makes application easy.


  • Great value kit
  • 4 Artline 517 Whiteboard Markers in red, blue, green and black, with 2mm bullet tip
  • Dry safe ink with 48 hour cap-off time
  • Artline Whiteboard Cleaning Spray 125ml
  • Artline Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser
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