Lamy Z24 Ink Cartridge Converter


Lamy Z24 Ink Cartridge Converter turns a Lamy cartridge pen into a plunger fountain pen. This Lamy fountain pen ink converter allows you to use Lamy and other bottled inks with the Lamy Safari, Vista, Joy, and AL-Star fountain pens.

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  • Converter to enable the use of bottled Ink in Lamy Pens
  • For use with Lamy: 2000, Safari, Nexx, Al-Star, Joy, Vista, non-Lamy pens
  • The Lamy Z24 is a piston style converter – incredibly easy to use – which allows you to use the wonderful variety of colours from bottled inks
  • It suits all fountain pens in the Safari, Al-Star, Nexx and Joy models
  • Made in Germany
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