Montblanc Royal Blue Ink Cartridges Pen Refills 105193


The Montblanc Royal Blue Ink Cartridges are perfectly in line with the company’s dedication to storytelling and refined creation. The Royal Blue ink gives any writing an air of noblesse and classical refinement that testifies to a certain finesse. Many individuals enjoy using different colours of ink in order to lend their writing and stories expression and dynamics.

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  • The Royal Blue ink by Montblanc lends expression and quality to any document – for an elaborate style of writing that is in line with Montblanc’s dedication to writing culture
  • The ink cartridges are the perfect addition to fountain pens by Montblanc but will also fit into any other standard pen – the perfect addition for the avid writer
  • The ink refill is fast-drying so that smudging is efficiently prevented / The colour Royal Blue presents a new noblesse and classical refinement to any writing
  • The ink is designed to not clog the tip of the pen / The pen cartridges are packaged inside an eye-catching gift box that embraces the ink colour
  • Items delivered: 1 x box with 8 ink cartridges in Royal Blue by Montblanc / Fast-drying and of premium quality / The ideal choice for fountain pens by Montblanc
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