Pentel Arts Oil Pastels Set of 12


Pentel Arts Oil Pastels boast brilliant, fade-resistant colours. Enjoy creating colourful artwork with these Pentel Oil Pastels, they’re perfect for budding artists, as well as those who’re more experienced.

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The pastels lay down beautifully, blend by using a cotton bud, your finger or a tortillon to create varying textures and colour mixtures. They’re ideal to use on most types of paper, including pastel, watercolour, cartridge, craft and more. Canvas, oil and acrylic boards are also great to use.


  • Brilliant, fade-resistant colours
  • Creamy-softness makes pastels easy to lay down and produce varying textures
  • Pastels apply smoothly and blend easily using cotton buds, fingers or tortillon for subtle shades, tints and colour mixtures
  • Can be thinned or blended with mineral spirits
  • Ideal for most types of paper (including, pastel, watercolour, cartridge, craft etc) as well as canvas, oil and acrylic boards
  • Great to use in conjunction with watercolours, oil paints and soft pastels
  • Slow drying time makes it possible to work on a piece for several weeks

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