Pentel Dual Metallic Brush Pen XGFH


The new Pentel Dual Metallic brush pens are something a bit different. Each pen gives you not one, but two different shades, and it doesn’t involve flipping between twin tips. Shimmering metallic ink ensures that – depending on whether you’re writing on black, white or coloured paper, and the angle at which you hold it – two different shades will be apparent.

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Hybrid ink and a flexible brush tip, which makes for incredible versatility when it comes to artwork and modern calligraphy. Perfect for cards, gift-tags and when you want to make a piece of artwork really stand out.


  • Nylon brush tip pen with new two (2) glitter metallic colours combination in brush pen, the brush tip allows for fine to wide line widths
  • Fresh glitter metallic coloured water-based pigment ink with no odor
  • One pen, Two shades: The combination of both pigment glitter and dye ink creates brilliant rich metallic colours
  • Ink colour changes the shades at different angle
  • The new ink infused with 2 contrasting coloured glitter produce cute but mellow mood
  • The soft tone ink colours are easy to use for daily writing like illustration, bullet journal and mood tracker
  • Made in Japan
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