Pentel Touch Brush Sign Pen SES15


The Pentel Touch Brush Sign Pen is a water-based ink pen with a flexible brush style tip. This pen is perfect for use when drawing, especially cartoon and Manga-style artwork, calligraphy, graphics and illustration.

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Create expressive drawings and write beautiful characters with this felt tip Pentel Brush Sign Pen. It features a durable brush tip that offers good control while drawing varying line widths. The water-based dye ink flows smoothly and is available in a wide range of bright colours.


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Ink Colour:

Black, Grey, Light Grey, Pale Brown, Brown, Yellow Ochre, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Burgundy, Pale Pink, Light Green, Green, Olive Green, Turquoise Green, Pale Blue, Grey Blue, Sky Blue, Blue, Blue Black, Violet, Blue Violet , Pink Purple

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