Pilot Frixion Erasable Fineliners Pens Assorted Pack of 12


The Pilot Frixion Erasable Fineliners combines new erasable ink technology with a quality felt-tip fineliner so you no longer have to worry about making mistakes! The non-permanent ink can simply be rubbed out using the eraser stud as if it were a pencil making these pens great for anyone that prefers the look of pen to pencil.

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Pilot’s Frixion range now includes a Fineliner, which uses the same clever ink as the rest of the range – it turns transparent when subjected to friction. No eraser dust, and the line disappears very cleanly leaving only a faint impression of the erased line. The ideal way to erase is using the built-in eraser, though most hard plastic works OK. In fact if you’re working on newsprint (eg. crosswords and Sudoku), the cap-end works better than the eraser as the eraser will smear the newspaper ink.


The Frixion Fineliners are perfect for journaling; the thin 0.45mm line they produce is ideal for drawing tables and charts and, of course, if you go wrong you can simply erase any mistakes!


They’re also great for illustration work and mind maps.

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