Snopake Airport Clear Travel Bags Pack of 5


Want to get through flight security with a minimum of fuss? These Snopake Airport clear travel bags ensure that your airport experience goes as smooth as possible, travel essential and fully compliant with EU and International security rules regarding the carrying of liquids, pastes and gels onto aeroplanes.

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  • 100% AIRPORT COMPLIANT: Airport security liquids bag, fully compliant with all airport and airline hand luggage requirements. They offer you the best way to ensure a quick, hassle-free air check-in and security experience.


  • BUMPER SIZE MULTI-PACKS AVAILABLE: Keep some spares in your carry-on bag to ensure you never get caught short at home or for the plane journey home. These multipacks are also useful for group holidays and when family members each need their own clear travel toiletries bag.


  • RELIABLE GRIP SEAL AND HANDLE: Each airport security liquids bag opens and reseals smoothly and quickly. An in-built handle makes it easier to remove and replace from your hand luggage so you can quickly grab what you need, when you need it.


  • TOUGH AND TOTALLY TRANSPARENT: Made from premium quality polythene, each airport security liquids bag is leak-proof, resistant to tearing and strong enough to withstand multiple heavy-bottomed glass jars and bottles. These hand luggage liquid bags are completely clear and free from frosting, logos and other markings.


  • Designed for airport security clearance, these see-through toiletries bags are also ideal for general bathroom storage and de-cluttering.
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