Artline 2-In-1 Whiteboard Markers Twin Tip Pack of 8


These Artline 2-in-1 Whiteboard Markers combine a broad tip and a fine tip, allowing you to make sure that your detailed writing and drawing is as precise as can be. With two tips, one on each end of the pen, you can save the trouble of buying two different sets of pens for your needs. They write with ease on any whiteboard or electronic whiteboard and allow you to erase your work with a simple dry wipe.

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Two nibs, broad tip and a fine tip Supplied as a pack of 8 assorted colours Suitable for all types of whiteboards, including electronic, glass and porcelain Long ink life

  • Two colours in one marker
  • Two points in one pen: 0.4mm fine tip and 1.0mm broad tip
  • Anti-roll bar fitted to cap
  • Two colours instantly available
  • Ideal for all whiteboards, glass, plastics and laminates
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