Artline Smiley Magnetic Eraser ERT-MMS


The Artline Smiley Magnetic Erasers provide you with an easy and effective way to clear all of the writing off of your whiteboard. The specially designed eraser works better than a normal cloth, allowing you to remove more of your writing, which means that your whiteboard is always exceptionally clear.



The magnetic design makes them easy to keep to hand, simply stick them to your board when not in use.

  • High quality whiteboard erasers for use with dry wipe markers
  • Magnetic for easy storage with magnetic boards
  • Designed to remove all marks from your board
  • Leaves your whiteboard exceptionally clear
  • Less likely to be lost and kept at hand
  • Smiley faces for a fun design
  • Available in a choice of colours: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue
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