Snopake A4 Silver Metallic Clipboard Measurement Guide


This Snopake Metallic Clipboard has more to offer than just a surface. Suitable for use with A4 notepads and papers, this Snopake Clipboard is easy to wipe clean and ideal for market researchers, student projects or anyone who is required to work on their feet or off-site.

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Strong yet lightweight ClipBoard holds unpunched loose papers, forms and documents. Heavy-duty clip with spring closure and rubberized corners protects paper while keeping it securely in place, with rounded edges and corners for a comfortable hold.


Versatile ClipBoard features an eyelet on the top right corner, where you can secure a string to attach pens and pencils. Includes a handy measuring guide on the edge of the board with imperial and metric measurements, removing the need to carry extra supplies.


Low-profile design is ideal for stacking multiple clipboards together – allowing you to save on storage space. Manufactured from tough heavy-gauge 2.5mm extra thick material, the durable ClipBoard comes in a stylish sophisticated metallic silver edge finish.

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